#LegalTechLives with Dr. Roland Vogl, ED of CodeX and the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology

A big believer in the magic of Silicon Valley, Dr. Vogl of Stanford Law and CodeX explains what it takes to bring a product to market and who he likes to see sitting in the front row of his classes.

Innsbruck, Austria

“Overall, I think we see a significantly increased awareness and interest among legal professionals in doing things differently, and leveraging technology to provide more value to their clients.”

AC: ROSS Intelligence CEO/Cofounder Andrew Arruda often tells the story about how when he goes into a law firm to pitch ROSS’s legal-AI software, people often expect a robot to glide into the boardroom with him. So, what does legal innovation mean in 2017? Are most legal professionals prepared for what’s coming, given Andrew’s experience?

NA to Europe in two hours?

To learn about how ROSS Intelligence helps lawyers, take a look at these recent case studies: here.



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