#LegalTechLives with Noory Bechor, CEO and Founder of LawGeex

Noory Bechor wants you to know he has found a way to take the tedium out of legal work and it’s not complicated. Also, if you have a working hoverboard, contact him: He was tricked as a kid and wants to set things right.

CEO/Co-founder ROSS Andrew Arruda and Noory

“To grow this industry, we need more legal in-house leaders who embrace change like this. This is happening, we’re at the start of a boom, and those that don’t jump on board will be left behind.”

Lawyers are smart people and do not enjoy doing robotic and repetitive legal work. This is what technology is best at, following commands, looking for patterns. For this level of work, hiring a robot makes perfect sense. It does not forget anything, makes no human errors — and unlike the coffee-powered human reviewer, it does not get tired. Most of our in-house counsel customers, who are leading the way with AI implementation in their fields, are quite direct that they just want burdensome processes and simple contracts off their plates.



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