#LegalTechLives with Stevie Ghiassi, CEO of Legaler

Stevie’s list of accomplishments is long. He is the son of a famous athlete and played professional tennis himself. He is immersed in Australia’s legaltech community and wants to use technology to help billions. And Legaler has ventured into a Token Generation Event, aka an ICO — and he tells us all about it.

Stevie’s father captaining the Iranian national football team
Bondi Beach
Stevie with the ROSS founders

“With all this in mind, along with the arrival of quantum computing, I believe a lawyer’s ‘toolbox’ will consist predominantly of tools that facilitate digital forensics and allow AI like ROSS to assist lawyers in their decision making through providing intelligent insights beyond human capabilities.”

AC: What do you think a lawyer’s “toolbox” will look like in 10 years? Find those tea leaves again!

This article first appeared on the ROSS Intelligence blog.



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