No One Signed Up for This*

For those of you who spend your days criticizing politicians, let’s be clear about one thing: No one signed up for this.

When you see politicians sitting in front of the cameras every day, answering questions about mass loss, death and disease, know that they are just regular shnooks like you and me.

No one came from above and deemed them masters of a pandemic. There are no schools for how to handle mass death. Politicians are everyday people who last year were making budgets and this year must account for 300k infections and more than 10k deaths (so far), on their watch, in the public eye.

They are trying to help people not starve or die. They’re trying to find a balance between businesses folding en masse, workers struggling, educating our young, and not having yet more people die alone in hospitals.

So think about that next time you take to social media. If you’re reading this and have escaped the pain of this pandemic, be grateful, not hateful.

Politicians are the same as us but with ALL of our weight on their shoulders. You try carrying that for a while.

*This is only applicable in Canada. Everywhere else, you’re on your own!

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Lawyer / Editor / Writer

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Ava Chisling

Ava Chisling

Lawyer / Editor / Writer

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